How to Get the Best Streaming Experience on Roku?

Roku is the hottest favorite streaming set top box. It packs a bunch of power for having something simple. To get the most of your Roku device, you can unlock the vast, cheap, and convenient world of streaming media. Here are the tips to get unlimited entertainment with Roku on the App Store

  1. Choosing the Best Roku for You

Choosing the device is the first step to become a power user of Roku. All the devices come with same common features, i.e. access to around 1000 channels with in-built search and wireless features. But there are some of the key differences here –

  • Roku Streaming Stick – This $49.99 device works only on HDTVs. It comes with all the basic features, such as access to all channels, search, and it has a remote. It also comes with dual-band wireless and ability to stream from YouTube and Netflix apps directly on your smartphone, just like Google Chromecast.
  • Roku 1 – It comes at the same price as Roku Streaming Stick but it lacks direct streaming from smartphone apps and dual-band wireless. The best thing is that it works on all the TVs, along with HDTVs. Along with that, it is actually the same as Streaming Stick. If you have HDTV, you can have more with the streaming stick for the exact same price in this package.
  • Roku 2 – This $69.99 device comes with a headphone jack in the remote to enable dual-band wireless and private listening. It works with all the TVs but it lacks direct streaming from smartphone apps with it. For headphone jack on its remote, it costs $30 extra.
  • Roku 3 – This $99.99 device is only for HDTVs. But it is better than other models. It has everything that Rokus have to offer, except the channel buttons on its remote. In addition, Roku 3 is 5x quicker and comes with micro USB, Ethernet, and USB slots. To enjoy motion control games, you can use the remote along with Streaming Stick. You can easily stream it directly from YouTube and Netflix apps on the device.

It provides the same huge library of content to stream with all of them. But each of them has different range of features. Be sure to pick the one which can meet your needs. If you are stuck between picking one feature for the price of another, it is better to choose Roku 3. But it can give you the best of streaming with Streaming Stick.

  1. Tap into Your Streaming Library

Roku has got lots of streaming potential, especially when you subscribe to a couple of leading streaming services.

  • Pick a TV Streaming Provider – These days, there are three leading players and they all come with their own important features. Netflix comes with great selection of TV shows and films. You can access Hulu during the season rather than waiting for it for post-season. Amazon Prime has access to HBO. You need to pay for one year up-front. So, there is no monthly bill to pay.
  • Stream Your Downloaded or Ripped Off Videos with Plex – You can stream more than online services, such as Netflix. If you have your personal videos that have been downloaded, ripped or even home videos you have recorded yourself, you can stream them from PC to Roku using Plex.
  • Look for Free Channels – Roku features up to 1000 channels and most of them are absolutely free. Some of these free channels come with paid shows and movies. After seeing up Roku, you may remove your credit card if you are worried.
  • Bookmark Resources – In Roku blog, you can have loads of options to explore and to try out, but there are a few good resources to look for. Along with, you can bookmark Roku Guide. is another best resource to find both private and public channels.
  • Find Private Channels – There are several other channels not available on Roku but you can download them manually using the right code.
  • Add Other Channels – You can do something more than just watching movies and TV shows on Roku. You can add other media platforms like Facebook, Pandora, and Picasa and play music while you show vacation pictures to your loved ones.

With extensive selection of Roku, you can get the most of it. Be sure to find out all the channels it has to provide, such as private ones. If you are getting bored, remember the bookmarks recommended staying updated with its new content.

  1. Upgrate Remote with Apps

The Roku remote has come with some of the advanced features, such as primary channel buttons, so there is no need to scroll through and find Amazon Prime or Netflix. Roku 2 and Roku 3 come with remote which is also connected to your headphones to listen in private. If you use smartphone, you can easily upgrade to something which is even better, whether you use its official remote app or something else.

Here are some of the recommended apps –

  • Roku (Free, Android/iOS/Windows) – It is the official Roku app with remote. It comes with amazing universal search feature, channel icons, and “Play on Roku” feature to stream music and pictures from your phone.
  • Dijit (Android/iOS, Free) – It is loaded with features and it supports more than just Roku. It has got customizable buttons. It also has movie recommendations in Netflix, in-built social media sharing, gestures, YouTube search, and even more.
  • RoMote (Android/iOS, Free) – It is the best choice for basic user and has dark mode that can be helpful to see in dark room.
  • RoByte (Android/iOS, $2.99) – It is one of the widely used Roko remotes as it comes with voice search. It can be paired with several Roku players without any special setup. You can also avoid the Wi-Fi from getting idle.
  • Rokumote (iOS/Android, Free) – It is the best choice for Netflix lovers. It has automated Roku streaming when you choose your favorite flick to watch and a special Netflix interface for it, along with the common Roku remote controls.


In this small package, Roku has a lot more to offer. Now you may understand why you shouldn’t let it go to waste. After picking the device and using a remote upgrade, you can explore channels you may watch.